I had a ring on consignment at Reaver for over a decade. The Reaver family would stay in touch every couple of years, telling me it was still for sale. Today the ring finally sold, and Chris called me immediately to let me know. He’s cutting me a check today. And they are not taking a fee from the transaction.
In short, their honesty is stunning. You can trust this company.

Friendly honest and just a great family. More like friends than a business

Chris Reaver went above and beyond to help me secretly design and build an engagement ring. His input and creativity truly made a piece of art. I would recommend Reaver Diamond to anyone looking to do something special.

This is the only jewelry store I have walked into that has made me feel comfortable. Exceptional product and exceptional service. Chris is a great guy and I would recommend anyone to him.

My fiancé went [to Reaver] for my custom made ring and it is flawless! …the process was smooth, they did great work and were nothing but helpful. Definitely will recommend to anyone!!!!

Knowledge is king!
It is important to know what you are looking for when making such a major purchase. Steve took all the time necessary to educate us on all the important aspects!

Happy Spouse!
Thanks to the time spent by the folks at Reaver Diamond actually educating me on what to look for when making such a personal decision, I was able to make the right choice on a gift for my wife! When you are talking about an investment in not only the jewelry itself, but in your relationship, it is nice to know that a company like Reaver exists!

Thank you very much for all of your help! We have always enjoyed working with your company and will continue to tell our friends and family how great you are! I’m off to post a great fb message about you!
I’ll be in your store this spring to have all our jewelry checked for insurance purposes. I was also very happy with GemSheild… Thanks for suggesting them.

Thank you for taking on this incredibly difficult custom design ring. You were the only company of more than a dozen jewelers that would even attempt to create from my drawing a double Mobius band ring. You made it work and you made it work beautifully! It has been a long time since I’ve encountered the kind of service you provided. Your company is a throwback from the days when service meant something. I will definitely return for any rings I may need again in the future. Again, thank you for your excellence in quality and service.