Personalized Appointments

The Reaver Diamond Company understands every person is unique and every occasion is special. Customers have varying levels of knowledge when it comes to jewelry, Diamonds and gemstones – which is why personalized and individual attention is what every customer gets when they schedule an appointment with the Reaver Diamond Company – up to 3.5 hours per visit.

Learn About Diamonds Before You Buy…

With the myriad of information out there about Diamonds, how do you know what to believe?
The Reaver Diamond Company spends one-on-one time with each customer, using real Diamonds to teach customers all the information they would ever need to know – from novice… to advanced learning.

Custom Jewelry Design

Want to create a jewelry item that nobody else has? Ever dreamed of a unique jewelry item but didn’t know who could make it? The Reaver Diamond Company can create any jewelry item imaginable through the use of special Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Corporate Jewelry

Corporations, societies, groups, organizations and clubs can design custom jewelry item(s) for themselves, their employees, or others – to give out for: recognition, service, performance, appreciation, or as an item symbolizing involvement in a group, society or club. The Reaver Diamond Company has the ability to create 1 piece or hundreds of pieces.

Trade-in / Trade-up Policy

The Reaver Diamond Company has a Trade-in / Trade-up policy for its customers. If a customer previously purchased a Diamond from the Reaver Diamond Company, that customer would receive 100% of their money back on the previous Diamond purchase towards a new Diamond purchase.
Details and restrictions may apply.

(Free) Jewelry Inspection, Professional Jewelry Cleaning & the Famous ‘blue’ Jewelry Cleaner – for life.

The Reaver Diamond Company inspects, cleans and polishes their customer’s jewelry items free for life – as well as gives away their famous ‘blue’ jewelry – free for life.


The Reaver Diamond Company offers consignment service for their customers.
An item is taken in by the Reaver Diamond Company on a consignment basis, cleaned, polished and (if needed) repaired to ‘like new’ condition. The item is then put on display and sold as an estate or used jewelry item. Customer is paid if and when item sells.

Financing / Layaway

The Reaver Diamond Company offers financing and layaway as forms of payment on approved purchases. Financing and credit approval are determined in approximately 10 minutes and if approved, customer is able to take the jewelry item with them that day. Layaway purchases require a 25% deposit with regular payments and the jewelry item can be picked up when paid in full.

Appraisal Services

Need an appraisal? Maybe an update to a previous appraisal… or maybe a brand new appraisal? The Reaver Diamond Company has appraisers on staff who can appraise your jewelry item for any reason you may need:
· Want to know the value of a piece of jewelry?
· Need an appraisal for insurance purposes?
· Need an estate appraisal?
· Need a bankruptcy or liquidation appraisal?
The Reaver Diamond Company can assist you with any and all of your appraisal needs.

Jewelry & Watch Repair

A full-service jeweler is on-site at the Reaver Diamond Company to accommodate most any jewelry or watch repair. Some jewelry and watch repairs can be done while the customer waits, while more difficult or complicated repairs can be left and picked up at a later date.

Ring Sizing

Ring a little too tight? Maybe a little too loose? The Reaver Diamond Company can size just about any ring – up or down in size.
Some customers may also require special sizing modifications to their ring – maybe due to an injury, arthritis in the joints, or larger knuckles. The Reaver Diamond Company can accommodate any and all of these special ring modifications as well.

Battery Replacement

From the simple to the complex, the Reaver Diamond Company stocks the most common watch batteries and in most cases, can replace a dead watch battery while you wait. Uncommon battery types, more complex watches, or watches that require pressure sealing can be left and picked up at a later date.

Pearl Stringing / Restringing

The Reaver Diamond Company can string or restring any set of pearls.
Freshwater, saltwater, natural, cultured, imitation, Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, etc.
With or without knots. Cotton, silk, nylon, or wire string. Platinum, gold or silver clasps – simple or fancy. Single strand or multi-strand bracelets or necklaces.

Inside Ring Engraving

Three types of inside ring engraving are available: standard machine engraving, laser engraving, or hand engraving. Machine engraving uses standard fonts. Laser engraving can use custom fonts and offers a clean look. Hand engraving gives a ‘hand-written’ look to the engraving.

Outside Ring Engraving

Similar to inside ring engraving, a ring can also be engraved on the outside. Outside engraving is typically deeper than inside engraving and can also be ‘black antiqued’ – for a more contrasted appearance. Engravings can be letters or words… or can also be intricate decorative carvings; enhancing the jewelry item.

Hand Engraving

As the name implies, hand engraving is done by a skilled jeweler, by hand, with hardened tools called gravers. Because of the fine intricate work, hand engraving is typically done under magnification and is a unique artistic skill. Hand engraving can vary from a simple hand-engraved name inside a ring, to an intricate ornamental external carving.

Insurance Claims

The Reaver Diamond Company has been helping customers with insurance claims for decades and is a ‘jewelry replacement center’ for many of the major insurance companies. Both insurance companies and customers enjoy using the Reaver Diamond Company for their insurance claims as [we] can re-create almost any jewelry item imaginable – whether it’s a designer item, or a one-of-a-kind custom piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Insurance Recommendation

If you are unsure where or how to get your jewelry insured, the Reaver Diamond Company can recommend an excellent jewelry insurance company – specifically specialized in insuring jewelry. Customers also enjoy comparing multiple insurance company’s – to make sure they are getting the best deal.

Diamond Buyers

If you are looking to sell your Diamond, the Reaver Diamond Company will evaluate your Diamond and give you several options for selling. The customer can then choose the option that suits their needs the best: selling for cash, brokering, selling on consignment, selling online, trading-in, etc.

Diamond Certification

Any individual looking to have a Diamond certified needs to do so through a reputable jewelry store – as certification laboratories do not accept Diamonds from private individuals. The Reaver Diamond Company can send your Diamond in to the certification laboratory of your choice and will keep track of the entire process for you.

Diamond Brokers

For customers looking to sell larger, more expensive Diamonds – or Diamonds that due to their rarity or uniqueness may take a while to sell via other methods; brokering can be a very good alternative. Brokering allows a quick turn-around time (typically within several weeks) and delivers a higher return than selling a Diamond for a ‘cash price’.

Estate Buyers

The Reaver Diamond Company purchases estate jewelry and estate Diamonds.
Antique, vintage or one-of-a-kind pieces…
Platinum, gold and silver…
Brooches, pins, antique rings, vintage watches…
Old European cut, rose cut and mine cut Diamonds – loose or mounted.

Gold Buyers

The Reaver Diamond Company is a licensed ‘Precious Metal and Gem Dealer’ through the state of Michigan. All precious metals are inspected and weighed in front of the customer – or a customer can choose to send their precious metal(s) in to the Reaver Diamond Company for a quote. All precious metal prices are viewed online at the time of purchase and if the customer decides to sell, payment is made on the spot.

Coin Buyers

Some coins have intrinsic value – in which the actual metal they are made out of contains value. Some coins have numismatic value – meaning the rarity of the coin itself contains value. And some coins have both intrinsic and numismatic value. The Reaver Diamond Company will evaluate your coins and let you know ALL of their potential value.

Gold Parties

Do you know any family or friends with old or broken gold who wouldn’t mind turning it into cash?
The Reaver Diamond Company can host a ‘Gold Party’ for you at the location of your choice (home, apartment, clubhouse, the store, etc). The Reaver Diamond Company will bring all the equipment necessary to test and weigh any precious metals and if the customer decides to sell, payment is made on the spot.

Gift Wrapping

The Reaver Diamond Company offers free gift wrapping on any new purchase. Each gift is uniquely wrapped to fit the customer’s desired style. The customer is able to choose the paper type, as well as the choice of either a ribbon or bow.

Shipping Service

Would you like to have a jewelry item shipped to a particular address? Maybe you would like to have a piece of jewelry shipped to a loved one out of state, or maybe friends or family overseas? The Reaver Diamond Company can help you with their shipping service.